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We are a small business that caters to other small businesses and organizations needing real network support services and disaster recovery solutions at a fraction of the cost of other repair services or full-time IT staff. Our IT professionals have over 20 years of solid network management experience in both commercial, educational and government IT. We strive to help our customers save money and minimize business risk. Utilizing strong IT and project management skills, we will work with you to devise a solution that helps grow and protect your organization. Net Strategies, Inc sets itself apart from other companies by truly listening to our clients’ needs, providing training and offering solid IT strategies.

Net Strategies, Inc. saves you money!

Net Strategies, Inc utilizes top IT professionals with over 20 years experience in the field to offer your organization the expertise you need to devise a complete network strategy. It only takes 1 major network event to completely destroy the essence of your organization. Is your organization prepared for a major data loss? Can it survive a catastrophic event? Just because your equipment powers on, does not mean it is working efficiently for your business. A major event can cost your organization thousands of dollars.

Network Solutions

We provide complete network design and implementation to serve your business needs. Our team approach includes strong project management and IT skills to ensure that your solution exceeds expectations and is delivered on time and under budget.

Enterprise Mangement Solutions

We provide continuous workstation and server monitoring as well as preventative maintenance to ensure network stability and avoid costly repairs.

System Engineering and Network Design

Net Strategies, Inc goes beyond the typical “band aid” fixes offered by other computer and network repair companies. We perform a thorough needs analysis along with our customers to decide the best solution for the organization.

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Located in the Baltimore Washington Corridor, we provide support to companies and insitutions across the entire metropolitan area. We provide remote management services nationwide.

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